Manufacturing Capabilities

Led by the highly motivated and experienced leadership team, the Sintex group’s capabilities are explored through an innovation driver approach which makes us successful in all the segments where we operate.

Sintex Plastics Division was started in the year 1975, and today we have the most diversified manufacturing capabilities in plastic processing in the world. At Sintex, we use our thinking to design products that let the world live a practical life. Our left-brain works overtime to create products that are simple, low on maintenance, and long-lasting. When the world uses Sintex, it works for life.
Our products are designed to deliver simplicity. We put substance before style. It is the most sensible thing to do. It has been derived very much from the same left-brain that tells us to think twice before doing anything and to not let emotions come in the way of a perfect solution.

Plastics & Custom Moulding Processes

Rotational Moulding
  • Multi Layer
  • Insert Moulding
Injection Moulding of Thermoplastics
  • Gas Assisted
  • In Mould Inserts
  • Over Moulding on Metals
Blow Moulding
Single / Twin Sheet Thermoforming
Custom Moulding and Custom Extrusion
Injection Moulding of Thermosets
Compression Moulding of Thermosets
Sheet Moulding Compounds
Resin Transfer Moulding
Light RTM And Vacuum Bag Infusion Moulding
Liquid Composite Moulding
Open Mould (Hand Lay-Up)
Reaction Injection Moulding
Soft Touch
Continuous / Discontinuous Panels
Ultrasonic Welding
Tooling Facilities
Silk Screening
Sheet Metal Cutting, Bending, Sheering, And Press Breaking
Roll Forming
Robotic Water Jet Cutting
PU Painting and Others
Powder Coating
Plastic Fabrication
Plastic and Metal Welding
Pad Printing
Jigs and Fixtures
Insitu Foaming
Design and Development
Cosmetic Improvements
Assembly and Sub Component Assemblies
Because we don’t just make products.WE MAKE SENSE.
Our Capabilities- Precision, Committment, Passion
  • Thermoplastics

    Rotational Moulding| Extrusion | Blow Moulding | Single & Twin Sheet Thermoforming | Injection Moulding

  • Thermosets

    Sheet Moulding Compound (SMC) | Dough Moulding Compound (DMC) | Compression Moulding |Spray up | Hand lay up | Resin-Transfer Moulding | Chop Hoop Filament Winding

  • Sandwich Panels

    With Metal/Plastic/FRP Facings with core of PUF, EPS, Mineral Wool etc.

  • Post Moulding

    Metal forming | Metal Fabrication | Powder Coating

  • Metal Fabrications

    Metal forming | Metal Fabrication | Powder Coating

  • Civil Engineering and Concrete facility

    Design | Pre-casting | Plastocrete | Cellular Concrete | Light Weight Concrete Panels | Monolithic Concrete Construction | Plastic Formwork

  • Sintex Industries Ltd. – a US$ 1 billion revenue international business organization of Indian origin
  • Engaged in diverse business portfolio which includes
  • Yarns & Textiles / Plastics / Building Material / Power / Consultation
  • With presence in more than 9 countries, Sintex is truly an Indian Multinational
  • Headquartered in Kalol, Gujarat, India, it has 17 manufacturing plants across the country and 18 internationally
  • Listed on the NSE, BSE and Ahmedabad Stock Exchange in India

A leader in the category, Sintex Plastics have been known to create categories. With constant innovation, Sintex Plastics has more than 100 solutions to offer its consumers with State of the art manufacturing process at Kalol