Our global presence and expertise across different segments enable us to offer cutting-edge solutions to our customers no matter which part of the world they operate in. The verticals we target with our solutions include housing, construction, electrical, energy, interiors, and telecom, among others.

Electrical Solutions

Sintex has an impressively wide and strong portfolio of electrical products that ensure higher levels of safety and performance. We cater to power transmission customers (SEBs and private players in the power transmission space). Our products include Junction Boxes, Meter Boxes, SMC Distribution Boxes, SMC Distribution Pillar Boxes, Moulded Service Connection Boards, Water Meter Boxes, FRP Fencing, LCS, SMC Chequered Plates, FRP Battery Stands, among others.


The products are manufactured at our state-of-the-art facilities, and are built to be shockproof and rustproof, rot-proof and termite resistant, 100% weatherproof, tamper proof, and restrict unauthorized tapping, and are fire retardant.

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Water Management Solutions


We’re losing out on our natural resources at an alarming rate. We’re witnessing severe water storage across India. What we can possibly do is behave responsibly towards the environment, use water judiciously, and conserve it the best way possible. And that’s where Sintex comes in with its water management solutions! Powered by the ‘Active Thinking’ approach and innovation in our DNA, here’s what we design and deliver:

Water storage tanks

Sintex water tanks don’t need any introduction – they’re everywhere, dotting the skylines of most cities and towns in India. And that shows the trust our customers put in us.
What’s amazing about our overhead and underground water tanks is they’re sturdy, light on the pocket, and are made of virgin raw materials so they last longer and keep the content safe for longer.

Rainwater harvesting

Once found only in the school books, rainwater harvesting is the new reality of the modern world. Harvesting the rainwater can help you tackle the water shortage blues. And our systems built on futuristic technology not only help you store the rainwater effectively, but also help you use it wisely. The UV filters placed at the collection and supply ends ensure safe, distilled water.

Higher capacity water storage solutions

As the name suggests, these are higher-capacity tanks, and are available in two distinct types: SMC Panel Tanks and FRP UG Tanks. You can use them for overhead, surface, and underground water storage needs. Let’s take a quick look on both the tanks.

SMC Panel Tanks

These panel tanks are easy to assemble and dismantle, and you can increase or decrease their sizes as per the needs. These tanks are easy to install, relocate, and all-weather friendly. Moreover, they’re made of FDA-approved grades of materials.

FRP UG Tanks

Our tanks are robust and comply with the FDA graders, which makes them ideal for storing drinking water on sites. These tanks are durable, affordable, and lightweight, as well as easy to install, dismantle, and relocate.

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Environmental Solutions

“Probably for the first time, we have the fate of the whole planet in our hands, so we better not mess with it.”

At Sintex, we take environmental wellness very seriously. All our solutions under this category are designed with ‘environment prosperity and sustainability’ in mind. And we’re proud of the fact that we’re doing our tiny bit for a better, greener planet.


Sanitation Solutions

The idea is to achieve a quality, sustainable public sanitation system at a low cost. And our line of products including temporary sanitation blocks and sanitation pumps helps us tackle the graving issues of sanitation and sewage disposal.

Waste management solutions

Sintex’s smart range waste management products include bins, tricycles, septic tanks, tilting devices, and bio-gas plants. Together they enable us and our clients tackle waste-related challenges more effectively and efficiently.

Packaged type sewage treatment plant (septic tanks & sewage treatment)

According to the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) norms, in the absence of central sewage plants, the sewage needs to be treated at the site. To tackle this challenge, Sintex joined hands with Aqua Nishihara Corporation, Japan, which is a leading name in the field of Sewage Treatment Plant. The joint initiative led to the development of Sintex PSTP, which is based on anaerobic and aerobic treatments as per Johkasou principles. It’s now sanctioned by the Central Public Health & Environmental Engineering Organisation (CPHEEO), Government of India for decentralized sewage treatment in the country. What’s remarkable about our underground sewage treatment solutions is they enable our customers leave a negligible footprint as compared to other types of decentralized or packaged plants.


Biogas is a reality now. Since our non-renewable resources are on the verge of extinction, biogas is being looked upon as the next big thing in the energy sector and provides for cooking gas and fertilizers.

Our biogas plant is moulded in one piece and is ready to use, and is easy to install and maintain. It’s supplied in knock-down condition and easy to assemble at the site with nuts and bolts. Additionally, it’s leakage proof, and can be used overground or underground, and is best for kitchen waste, cow dung, vegetable waste, and hotel and restaurant waste.

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Energy Solutions

The non-renewable energy resources are on the verge of extinction – and we cannot do much about it except use them responsively, and switch to green energy – with Sintex’s refined energy solutions, you can easily do it, right at your home and office. All our products are 100% rust and maintenance-free, and are easy to install and work with.


Sintex Floating Type Biogas Plants (FTGB)

We believe biogas is the next big thing in the energy space since the world is increasingly losing out on its stocks of non-renewable resources such as coal and petroleum. With the idea to make India energy efficient, we, at Sintex, build a whole new solution to tackle the energy shortage as well as help our customers tackle their waste effectively. The floating type biogas plants are what we are greatly proud of. What makes this plant really incredible is that it is moulded in one piece, is ready to install, use, and maintain, and can be used above the ground or underground. The plant is supplied to the customers in a knock down condition – assembling it at site, with nuts and bolts, is simple. Plus, it is leak-proof, is easy to clean and maintain, and can be easily relocated from one site to another, if required. Kitchen waste, cow dung, vegetable waste, and hotel and restaurant waste can be easily disposed in the plant – plus, you get an abundance of energy for your commercial establishments.

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All our building and construction products are engineered to simplify the lives of our customers. Meaningful innovations are what we believe in. And when you look at our range of doors, false ceilings, plastic sections, and louvered ventilators, you cannot help but get bowled over by the sheer options you get and the charismatic appeal they lend to the spaces around.


Sintex factory-made doors

Available in a myriad of colors and designs, our doors are built to perform! The sizes are adjustable on-site, so you get exactly what you need.

Sintex false ceilings

False ceilings present a low-cost solution to revamp your space and prevent moisture from seeping in the room. Our innovative range of false ceilings feature enchanting acoustic, thermal, and fire retardant qualities, and stay intact for long.

Sintex plastic sections

Here’s a smart alternative to plywood, particleboard, and timber – we’re talking about Sintex’s plastic sections which are budget-friendly, waterproof, and durable. Moreover, they bring about the same precision, the same class to your interiors and exteriors that you expect from its costlier counterparts. Choose from the wide selection of our plastic sections available in different shades – they also don’t require paint or varnish.

Sintex louvered ventilators

Place our ventilators in your bathroom and toilets and areas that need ventilation. These ventilators aren’t only high on looks, they also perform great, and are easy to install because of their snap-fit parts. You’ll also like their reversible/interchangeable designs a lot.

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Materials Handling

The world has turned into one big global village. And businesses are increasingly facing stiff competition not just from their domestic competitors, but also from the foreign players. The key to thrive in today’s competitive marketplace is to widen your reach to the target audience, and reduce costs.


Material handling is one area where a business can greatly improve upon, with our range of products, particularly industrial pallets. We all know how crucial pallets are in modern material handling. To help businesses get high-quality, cost-effective, pallets, we’ve developed our pallets in three ranges which are Rotational pallets, Moulded pallets, and Supertuff pallets. Try these pallets out and see the way they reduce your logistic costs.

Our pallets collection includes pallets for every business needs. Some of the pallets include Moulded Non-Reversible 2-Way Entry (HS-Series), Moulded Non-Reversible 4-Way Entry (222 HS-Series), Poly Pallets, Injection Moulded Pallets, and Spillage Pallets.

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Telecom Solutions

Sintex possesses wide experience in the telecom sector, and has a portfolio of solutions that are powerful and cost-effective. Right from manufacturing and supplying telecom shelters to design and manufacturing of telecom towers, to supply of different types of connecting cables and operating & maintenance of mobile tower cell sites, we do everything.


We also help our clients with installation, testing, and commissioning of all ranges of telecom equipment related to telecom services like and Microwave LOS survey and slink engineering.

Our BTS shelters provide excellent insulation for housing telecom and electronic equipment. The shelters combined with air conditioning and thermal management solutions enable businesses to get more out of their investments in our telecom solutions.

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Industrial Solutions

Through our innovative line of products and services, we help industries succeed in what they do. Our industrial solutions portfolio includes tanks, containers, pallets, insulated crates, FRP underground storage tanks, among others. Our focus on superior raw material and futuristic technology ensures that our products are long-lasting, affordable, and maintenance-free, and give our customers a great experience. All our products are easy to install and come with our world-class after-sales service.


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