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Sintex Ace Antibacterial


  • >99%* effective in protecting from harmful Bacteria and Algae.
  • 100% Virgin Plastic: For better strength, durability & flexibility.
  • Food Grade Plastic with FDA Approval: Ensures safety & hygiene of stored water.
  • Phthalate-Free Granules & Additives: No cancer-causing materials are present.
  • 100% UV Stabilized Tank and Lid: Sun rays cannot reach the water, no algae formation.
  • Threaded Lid: Heavy winds, birds, and animals cannot open the lid, thus maintaining safety & hygiene.
  • Two Layers: Outer (White) and Inner (Grey) to see the water level easily and for UV protection.
  • Roto Moulding Manufacturing Process: Provides flexibility to take care of cyclical expansion and contraction due to temperature changes and filling/refilling of the tank.
  • Modern, World-class Looks
  • Multi-Ribbed Design: Ensures long-lasting strength & durability.

* Tested as per JIS Z 2801:2010 & ASTM G29

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Range & Specifications

Code No. Capacity
Diameter of manhole
HSWS-0050-01-ACE 500 920 995 405
HSWS-0075-01-ACE 750 1030 1130 405
HSWS-0100-01-ACE 1000 1100 1310 405
HSWS-0200-01-ACE 2000 1350 1685 405
HSWS-0500-01-ACE 5000 2000 1980 405

Note: All Dimensions are in mm with process variation of +2.5%

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