We’re transforming the paradigm of construction in India and across the world with our smart range of building products. Our basket of products in this category primarily includes sandwich panels, water tanks, underground and overhead tanks, electrical SMCs like meter boxes, waste containers, and Prefabs. The segment benefits from increasing government spend in key areas like public housing, education and health.


Safe water is a basic need and in today’s pollution prone environment, hygiene of water is essential. During summer we care about everything except the water scarcity typical of the time. Nowadays the shortage of drinking water is bound to the place where our home is located. There are some locations where the volume and pressure of water are insufficient for the correct supply of each house. That is why it is so important to have a water storage tank.   Sintex water storage solutions deliver height standards of hygiene at a reasonable cost. The triple layer water tank, an innovation that offers threefold protection along with Reno, RenoTuf, Reno G, Loft Tanks, Sumps, FRP,  PUF and SMC panel tanks cover the entire range of water storage solutions.

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Every home needs long lasting and elegant interior solutions. Traditional materials tend to fade, get stained and get damaged by the elements. That is where Sintex doors and sections make a difference. They are easy to maintain, durable and damage resistant. They come in a variety of designs and colours so that there is plenty of choice for a beautiful home, without having to compromise on quality.

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To safeguard the everyday life, it is essential to have dependable systems that ensure security. Sintex has an entire array of electrical security equipment, that comprises of junction boxes, meter boxes, SMC distribution boxes and boards, FRP devices, LCS, power receptacles and starter panels. These cost effective and weather resistant tools ensure maximum security.

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A quality environment is everyone’s need today and energy conservation a necessity. Sintex environmental solutions are designed for the dual purpose of keeping the surroundings clean and re-utilizing resources. While the primary and secondary waste collection systems, municipal equipment, and composting units ensure cleaner cities, the sub ground structures such as the advanced septic tank, PSTP, and biogas plants guarantee efficient energy conservation.

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To meet the commercial demands efficiently, an industry needs solutions that are cost effective and are compatible with multiple mechanisms. Sintex has industrial products ranging from primary bins, chemical storage tanks, chemical processing tanks, containers, insulated crates, troughs, pallets, fish boxes, cold boxes, to FRP tanks and bulk containers. These products assure profitability and better compliance.

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